Hi everybody! I hope you are all staying warm in this freezing winter weather 🙂 

To make a long story short, life has managed to give me some lemons…BUT! I refuse to let a little fruit bring me down. Instead, I’ve been using my free time and energy to hand-make some pretty things. It makes me happy and I hope my products will bring some happiness to you as well.

In case you’re wondering, the name “iKandy” is a bit of a play on the apple products that fill our lives; we’ve got iphones, itunes, i-everything. If you ask me, we all need a little
“eye candy” in our lives. The items I make will definitely bring some eye candy to your life- spruce up the ole house with something sparkley, or give someone a gift that you can’t find at every other store.

Enough of my rambling! If you want to see what I’ve got, head over to my etsy page!

What’s even better? I welcome any requests for personalized items, especially if you want something you don’t see on my site. Just send me a lil message 🙂 Please, share my post and/or my website with your friends and family!

I appreciate every single one of you who has purchased from me thus far, left me kind reviews, or simply just visited my page. Thank you, and happy holidays!



One comment

  1. Thank you for your time and effort to have had these things together on this website. Mary and I very much loved your suggestions through your own articles over certain things. I know that you have a number of demands on your own schedule so the fact that you actually took as much time like you did to help people like us through this article is definitely highly liked.

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