National Dance Day

4a3aed634cc50a027842677b3ab89285How could I go without posting on National Dance Day?! Most people who know me are aware of my love of dance. Am I a professional? Nope. Am I an amazing dancer? Nope. To be honest, most people aren’t. But do i love to dance? Absolutely.

I’ve never been one who likes to exercise, so for me, dancing is one way I can stay in shape and not feel like I’m exercising.  I’ve gotten to love using the Wii, and all the dance oriented games! The Michael Jackson experience and the Just Dance series! It’s a really fun way to dance with your friends or family if you don’t want to dance alone.

Dancing brings you back to the present moment, while giving you an outlet to express your emotions through the combination of movement and music. Don’t you think there’s something beautiful about music, in its many forms? We all have our different struggles, traumas, disabilities, etc., yet music is one thing that we can all identify with. Music heals.

Technology has given us such a great tool – I love to learn new choreography from my favorite choreographers through videos they post online- how cool is that?! (Check out #mattsteffanina #dancetutorialslive #willdabeast on youtube)

visit Dizzy Feet Foundation to find out about National Dance Day activities in your area! 🙂


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