Malaysia_Airlines_Boeing_777-200ER_Wedelstaedt (See new information at end of page.) 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the passengers, crew, and their families. The only thing more painful than knowing that loved ones have died is not knowing what happened to them.

Speculation runs high. If the aircraft had exploded, there would be debris in the water. If it had plummeted into the ocean, its sophisticated technology would be sending messages to the surface. If it had been hijacked and flown elsewhere, radar would have picked up its course. We are told that the aircraft may have been changing direction when radar contact was dropped – and 2 passengers were traveling with stolen passports. Trying to reason with incomplete information is frustrating. And distracting. But that is what speculation is — guess-work.

A numeric pattern is visible – which is not unusual when an event of this magnitude occurs. It’s impact sends out a…

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