MEN… Gotta Love ‘Em

*Men are like laxatives …. they irritate the crap out of you*

*Men are like weather …. nothing can be done to change them*

*Men are like chocolate bars …. sweet , smooth  & they usually head straight for your hips*

*Men are like commercials …. you can’t believe a word they say*

*Men are like department stores …. their clothes are always 1/2 off*

*Men are like government bonds …. they take SOOOO long to mature*

*Men are like mascara …. most run at the first sign of emotion*

*Men are like popcorn …. they satisfy you but only for a little while*

*Men are like lava lamps …. fun to look at , but not very bright*

*Men are like parking spots …. all the good ones are taken & all the rest are handicapped*


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