Highly Ironic ; turns out Tyler Perry & I are twins !

You may not know this ,  but I’m pretty obsessed with Tyler Perry – his movies are just amazing ! He somehow manages to create the most intense movies … but keep them light hearted by throwing in a little Madea – I love that lady ; She’s so funny ! Anyway , a while ago I had seen his interview on Oprah , during which he told his story – that man has been through a LOT ! Well , tonight I decided to watch an episode of Ellen’s show .. and he was on . Their interview caught my attention when I realized Tyler Perry was describing what I’m going through to the tee … I personally know a few people who have issues with THEIR dads , so I thought I’d post here what was said … I hope anybody else going through something along these lines knows somebody else out there … gets it.

Tyler (to Ellen): “The most difficult thing for me growing up was, if your father doesn’t love you, this is what I’m thinking, then how could anybody else love you? But what I’ve since found out is that he did what he knew how to do. He did the best that he could do. We all have these things in life that we go through & its how you handle them & what you do with them , and i chose to, and I learned to use everything that had happened to me for my good.”

Ellen (to Tyler): “I just wanna finish this for people because I know there are people out there, and that’s what I hope this show is, is an example, if anything is to be examples of –you can get through no matter what you’re going through. And I agree I’ve heard this about you, you don’t regret anything, you appreciate the stuff you went through.

Tyler (to Ellen): “Sure. Because you know this why a lot of times in life what happens to a lot of people is you know, we get bogged down in what happened to us and we cant get past it. But I believe that all things can work together for your good, you know you have to understand , why was I born to this father, or this mother, why was I born into this situation? And you take all of the negativity of it, take everything that tried to destroy you and beat you down, and turn it around and use it. Its still energy ; you have to take that same energy and put it into something positive. And that is what has happened for me, and I thank God for it everyday.”


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