I want to share with you guys something my sorority does. Every semester, we take time out of our busy schedules to sit down and write letters. What type of letters you ask? Well, we have the option of writing a letter of apology or a letter of appreciation. It can be anonymous or not, and you have the option of giving it directly to the person or having someone else do it. I cant tell you how great of an idea this is. You may feel one way towards a person, and although they may speculate, unless you TELL them, they are never going to know exactly how you feel. This pertains to all sorts of things – whether you’re upset/angry about something, or really care for somebody- either way, none of us are mind readers! Writing a letter or email to somebody is something you can do for FREE that may make their entire day, regardless of how silly you may think it is. People really do cherish the things others tell them. Just because your friends know you care for them, doesn’t mean they wouldnt LOVE a nice reminder of it! Regardless of the type of letter you send, more times than not it’ll leave you feeling good – good because you were the bigger person and apologized, or good knowing you made somebody else’s day. I dare you to try it, because you never know how big of an impact your words may have on somebody close to you! This is a great bonding activity and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to do this with my sisters!


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