Two words: spring break.

The girls and I spent spring break 2011 in Miami! It was an absolute BLAST. None of us had ever been there, and I’m so glad we went! The weather was absolutely beautiful – I’ve got the greatest tan (I look like I’m a different race & I’m not mad!) Its funny how different Florida is from NY. The people in NY are so grouchy and unwilling to help you with anything, but the people in Miami? SO friendly. We had a blast checking out all the shops, restaurants, & clubs in South Beach – and I absolutely 500% recommend going to Wet Willie’s if you ever get the opportunity – best frozen mixed drinks… ever! I’m bummed to be back in cold, grey, dull NY! I’m very much considering moving to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area at the end of the summer. I’ll be backkkkkk! 😉 I ❤ Miami


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