Idiot-Proof Guide to Dating. To: Men, From: Women

Let’s face it guys: the majority of you have NO clue what to do when it comes to dating. Wanna know how I know? Well, I’ve been to SO many different schools, and am a sorority girl. I spend my days with LOTS of women. We gossip, and I’m constantly hearing how girls wish guys would do things RIGHT! We’ve waited, and waited, and nothings changed. Duh! Of course its not going to change, if you guys don’t know what you’re doing wrong! I’ve decided to give you guys some ‘rules.’ These are some of the most common that women seem to complain about. I bet if you take this advice you’ll get the girl of your dreams in no time!

Rule #1: Do not ask a girl on a date without any idea of what you want to do.

Her reaction: Why did he even bother asking me out? He must not care THAT much. He’s wasting my time.

Rule #2: Asking a girl to come over to your house to watch a movie is NOT a date.

Her reaction: He’s just trying to get some.

Rule #3: Do not bombard her with romance all at once. It gives us nothing to look forward to and makes you look desperate. We like a little bit here, a little bit there. (You don’t need to buy her a dozen roses and take her on private jet to Vegas. Do something thoughtful, like bringing her some of her favorite candy when she least expects it, or write her a cute note for no reason, and stick it on her mirror)

Her reaction: This guy is creepy AND desperate!

Rule #4: Choose something other than going out to dinner for the first date. It makes us feel like we’re at a job interview, and we don’t even know you yet. (The key here is to show her you took the time to plan something FUN, and you aren’t like every other guy who just takes her to dinner.)

Her reaction: There’s too many opportunities for things to go wrong. (Food in either person’s teeth, awkward silences, loud chewers, etc.)

Rule #5: If and when you DO attempt to take a girl out to dinner, here are your options. A) Ask her what her favorite restaurant is. B) Ask her what her favorite type of food is. Just because Foo Ming Sun is your favorite restaurant, doesn’t mean she eats sushi! That’s just asking for an awkward situation when she doesn’t like anything on the menu!

Her reaction: OMG where are we going and what will I do if I don’t like anything on the menu!? (Causes more stress than needed!)

Rule #6: Choose something interactive for your first date. For example, an arcade, a sports game, bowling, mini golf, tubing in the winter, a pottery place, a zoo, a science center. This way, you have something besides yourselves to talk about and don’t have to sit there and stare at each other at dinner or sit in silence at a movie. Let your personalities show and see how the physical chemistry is!

Her reaction: Here we go with the same old dinner and a movie deal again.

Rule #7: Taking her out for drinks is not a date.

Her reaction: he’s just trying to get me drunk/this is a sad excuse for a ‘date’

Rule #8: Until you’re in a monogamous relationship or she offers to treat, If you ask a girl to go out anywhere, pay for her. Especially on the first date. No excuses.

Her reaction: this guys a cheap bastard, hes not taking this seriously, and hes wasting my time.

Rule #9: Chivalry is NOT dead. Open doors for her, open car doors if you’re approaching the car together, walk her to her door at the end of the night, and offer to help her out and hold her bags if you’re out shopping. It shows that you’re a gentleman who respects her. However, don’t overdo it. You don’t need to wipe her face after she’s done eating, just act like a gentleman.

Her reaction: wow, he’s just rude.

Rule #10: Don’t even BOTHER talking about sex. As soon as you bring it up, the whole dynamic changes and you give off the wrong idea.

Her reaction: He’s just looking for a hook up.

Rule #11: Her best friend, cousins, and girls in her group of friends are COMPLETELY off limits.

Her reaction: he’s done the UNTHINKABLE.

Rule #12: Talk about things OTHER than yourself! It makes you look cocky and you want to show her that you’re actually interested in her.

Her reaction: Why doesn’t he just date himself?

Rule #13: While you’re with her, do NOT even acknowledge other females. We DO see you giving them the once over, checking them out, and don’t appreciate any comments regarding someone being pretty, hot, sexy, or anything of the sort.

Her reaction: he’s a man-whore/hellloooooooo does he not know im still here?!

Rule #14: If a girl gives you her number, wait until the next day to call her. Anything sooner, you look desperate.

Her reaction: he’s gunna be a clingy one

Fellas, I hope you actually use these to help build up your dating skills, at least for our sakes! Ladies, let me know if there is anything you want me to add, and I’m sure ill be adding more from time to time! 🙂 Try it though, whats it going to hurt?


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