^Here’s the love of my life, my dog Peanut. He’s 3 lbs, and 3 years old. I got Peanut when he was 11 months old, from a lady who posted an ad on Craigslist. Apparently, the family breeds these tiny dogs, but Peanut had a hernia, so they didnt want to use him as a stud. Therefore, he wasnt neutered and was kept away from the other dogs. He was in a cage most of the time until I got him. This dog makes me SO happy – theres something about dogs that I just love – no matter what, they’ll love you unconditionally. Anyway, I really think theres a lot more to Peanut’s story. I saw a video that talked about animal cruelty and puppy mills, and how often times the dogs end up with psychological issues. For the longest time, Peanut wouldn’t go NEAR anyone but me. He seems to especially dislike males, and he certaintly wont play with other dogs. My friends have dogs, and I’m currently living with roommates who have other dogs. Any time these dogs come up to Peanut, just to play, he growls and runs away. Tonight, I saw him snap at another dog over a noodle. A noodle! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that he was clearly abused in the 11 months of his life before I got him. It makes me so sad that he cant play with other dogs – he’s terrified of them, and is extremely protective over me. I wish there was no such thing as puppy mills, its disgusting. Who cares about the extra money you make from breeding dogs, all its doing is screwing them up psychologically, and its not fair. It just makes me real sad knowing that Peanut will never be one of those dogs who my friends and family can just pick up and play with, or who can play with other puppies, like a normal dog. I swear, if I could save all the puppies in the world, I would… I love you Peanut đŸ™‚


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