AΣA is my LIFE.

The greatest decision I have EVER made in my entire life was joining a sorority…. Alpha Sigma Alpha. I can’t believe this is my senior year of college. Since i’ll be moving to North Carolina next year, I’m going to miss these girls more than anything. They are my LIFE – encouraging, supportive, loving, AMAZING women. Such a blessing in my life and they’ve made my college experience the best time of my life! ♥

Here’s a few pictures from our playboy bunny/ hugh heffner party a few weekends ago! So much fun!

I’m sure this years Halloween festivities will be JUST as fun! We love dressing up 🙂

Also, congrats to the Gamma Class of the Gamma Clio chapter, these girls are our new pledges 🙂 Looking like little angels all in white!

Those of you who are Jersey Shore fans, I’m sure you know the finale is tonight! Oh so bitter sweet, I love that show! It may make me dumber just by watching it, but sometimes, its a good escape from reality. In the words of Snooki, “Waaaaahhhhhhh.”  Check out this hilarious Jersey Shore spoof, the kids are too cute! 🙂

Quote of the day: “Trust No Man, Fear No Bitch.”


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