My Eyes Have Been Opened

*Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand*

This summer has been such a life changing experience for me, working at my new job. I’m currently a respite care camp counselor for kids with psychiatric disorders and I can’t tell you want an amazing experience it has been for me. After seeing some of these families the way they treat or mistreat their children, etc… just makes me so thankful for the family I was born into and all they have done for me.

We tend to take the little things for granted. For example, today I was playing kickball with a bunch of the boys, including an 11 year old with leukemia. First of all no child should have to go through that. He’s SO fragile. He must have fallen like 5 times and each time it felt like my heart would skip a beat cause I’d just hope he’s ok! We may not all love the body we have and obsess over certain flaws but when it comes down to it thats not what really matters, just be thankful you have a healthy, functioning body.

I feel like this experience is going to give me the skills I need to be a good parent someday, especially seeing what horrible parents some kids have. For example, one specific boy likes making friendship bracelets, and told me that he’s made them for his mother before and instead of saying thank you she’s said things like, “oh thank you but I wish you wouldn’t have used these colors. Its too bad you didn’t use these colors instead.” I just wanna shake her and be like ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Your child, who gets into SO much trouble just spent his time doing something productive for YOU and thats what you have to say? you should be praising him not tearing him down. It just kills me to see these things. Anyways today this particular kid made me a bracelet and that just made my entire day. It was the simplest thing but you know what I made SURE he knew I loved it and was happy he thought of me. Such a sweet and genuine kid.

Its also rewarding when someone like…. the worst behaved kid who starts problems with EVERYONE, cusses everyone out, is physically agressive towards the kids and counselors…will just come up and give you a hug. Its just such a nice feeling. I think every child has great potential and parents can either make or break a child.

Don’t mind me venting, I’ve just thought a whole lot about things that are actually important in life now that I’ve had such a great opportunity. Everything else just seems so….. petty.

Just be thankful for what you have – it could be SO much worse.


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