Psychic Party

So my mom and I had a ‘psychic party’ at our house tonight with a pretty well known psychic, Phil Jordan. It was so crazy…

I’m gunna share with you some of the things he said…

He told my mother she has a mans spirit around her, someone whose offering her fresh roses out of love, who was about 5’8″ or so with little to no hair… who passed away from a sudden heart problem, etc. My brother and I automatically looked at each other like O_O we knew exactly who it was… our next door neighbor frantically called my mom, who was a nurse for a long time, last year, when his son, in his fifties I would say, collapsed, seized, etc. My mom tried to revive him, give him CPR etc… but he ended up dying of a heart problem. His name was Jon, and he was a VERY thankful person, oh and he was about 5’8″ with no hair! CREEPY! Its like he knew my mom did the best she could to try and save him..

Here’s some things he said about me…

lots of red over my sinus area, dark blue near my jaw, like i might have a tooth problem that im going to have to go back 2-3 times and have fixed, possibly a root canal ((creepy i just had the second part of a root canal yesterday)) but other than that he sees very good health for me

I’m going to have a child, and the girl is going to look almost identical to me. Then I’m going to have another girl and another boy.

He sees my career developing in the NYC area, specifically manhattan. He sees me going to London, England in 2.5-3 years for my career. He sees my career starting working with younger people, but I’m going to feel like thats not for me. I’m going to go back and further my education for 2 years, and work with people in counseling type of field, which he sees me going to Philadelphia for, and that area will be really significant for my career.

The name Derek showed up in red letters – going to be a person who will present a lot of frustration, be cautious of this person. Going to be taunting me because they want to be my friend, but it wont be a healthy relationship.

The name Sean showed up as someone I’m going to have a very positive friendship with.

Saw someone with the name Ashley who may be a college roommate or a good friend throughout my education.

With my love life, he kept saying, “do i go backwards or forward?” -something will occur with a relationship someone hasn’t let go of, they’ll feel like it needs to go further, etc. They keep crossing my path but the person has other interests as well as a compulsive/addictive personality which is controlling him.

He also said I’m going to have a very significant relationship this year with someone with the letter “J”-

When I asked about a friend, Catherine, who passed away almost two years ago, he said she passed rather suddenly (car accident) but she knew if she went back in her body she wouldn’t have any qualities; she’s content in the spirit world. She feels like there was a question unanswered in her relationships, doesn’t understand why someone “walked away from her”

there was a lot of other interesting things that occured, he knew my mom had gotten a divorce and said shes going to end up married to a Dave/David (which hes told her at a reading years prior ot this as well)

he talked about past lives, said my brother lived in the Civil war era, in the savannah, Ga area – if he goes there to visit he’s going to feel right at home. Also said he was a Roman soldier in Rome in the past life.

Also said my brother has a native american spiritual “guide” who has been following him throughout his whole life, very positive guide. Also said my brother has a man whose about 5’8″ with thinning hair on the paternal side is also following him around.

My cousin’s family ALWAYS has encounters with “Rose” – a great grandmother who passed away ;; every time we go to the psychic he brings up Rose, and this time he said to my aunt Jo, Rose says, “tell josephine I said hello” –

such a good experience it was awesomeeeeeee 🙂

Last time i went to this guy he told me he saw me going to school 2 years, 2 years, and 2 years… I ended up going to 3 colleges for about 2 years each; he told me when I was back in high school and interested in criminal justice that I would end up in Psychology, which I had no interest in… thats now my major –

pretty interesting, right?!



  1. Hello I just had 2 readings with Mr. Jordan, and was trying to find some reviews on him. I see that this post was a while back. Has any of the rest of what he told you came true? He gave me wonderful news about a relationship and I am hoping that he is really legitimate and knows what he is talking about. If you could please respond and let me know! Thank you.

  2. I seriously would love to have a reading with a genuine psychic.I know Phil Jordan is such. I have lost so many friends & a family member over latter years & it would be great to know how things are for them all.

  3. I’ve gotten a few readings from phil as well. Its crazy how theres identical information in your reading thats in mine. He said I would have a girl that looks identical to me, have a boy and then adopt a girl. I would have a roommate or friend with the initial A, very possibly the name Ashely. Sean would be someone I should never get in a car with. I am also a counselor and he told me i’d continue on in that. He told me i’d be in a relationship with a guy with the letter J, but he’d be really bad.

    So crazy.. everything he’s said has pretty much happened for me too! We must have some similar auras hahah.

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