“Any situation you go through in life can make you either bitter or better.”

It has been SO long since I’ve had some free time to update this blog. This semester has been crazy as far as the work load goes. Today marked the last day of classes for my junior year. I turned in a 25 page paper as well as a 20 page paper – thats definitely the most I’ve ever written for a class. So very glad its over with 🙂 Aside from that, I can’t believe I’ll finally be a senior next year. This college process has been a crazy ride, as I’ve hit some bumps along the way… but it feels good to be approaching the final destination. I can’t wait to graduate next year and move on into the real world.

There’s so many sisters in my sorority that will be graduating this semester. Very sad to see them go, because I just love them to death and have so much fun with them. These girls have become my family so when they move on, its definitely bitter sweet. One of our sisters is pregnant, and her baby shower is tomorrow. Very excited for that. Also, we finally got our website up and running, so feel free to check that out –> http://www.asacortland.com

Some more good news, I got a job for this summer, working for the Mental Health Association in Ithaca, NY – I’m going to be doing respite care working one on one with children who have emotional, behavioral, and social problems. I’m really looking forward to it and its going to look great on my resume 🙂

Anyways, I’m going to try and update on here a lot more frequently now that I’ll have some time, but thanks for being patient 😉

hugs & kisses :-*


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