First things first, how bout them SAINTS?!?!?! SO excited. Ican’t believe they won the Superbowl! They deserve it, so exciting! 🙂

Today, In the mail I got a letter from  my sorority headquarters. It says,

“Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day! To Alpha Sigma Alpha members, St. Valentine represents love and friendship. On this special day, be reminded of all the friends and family who love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

It then goes on to say, “Mom and Peanut have made a donation to the Alpha Sigma Alpha foundation in your honor.”

That just made my entire YEAR. I love my mom and peanut so much, more than anything. I get very touched when people do little things for me, and they pay attention to whats important in my life.

Thanks mom 🙂  You are the best.


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