Headed up to Syracuse today with the ladybugs, to cheer on people at the Special Olympics, which is one of our philanthropies. Its really rewarding to just make someone else’s day. It was nice to get out there with my girls, although I’m not too much of an outdoors type person. My toes were freezing!!! There was a sleighride type of thing going on atthe same time, with 2 huge clydesdales. *sigh* it reminds me of riding horses. I could just stare at and pet any horse for hours and hours and never get tired of it. Brought me back to the days of when I used to ride horses, and also reminded me of the psychic I saw last semester, who told me I need to get back into horseback riding, and that I have a special connection with the horses and need to work on my telepathy. I really am curious as to what that means. I’ve always felt like I’ve had an undescribable connection when dealing with animals, but especially horses. I’d like to check that out a bit. I wonder what that means, practice my telepathy with the horses. Or better yet, how do I go about doing that? I think this semester I’d like to volunteer at the SPCA — I just feel incredibly compelled to be surrounded by animals. Its funny because every time I go over to Andrea’s (best friend) house, she calls me St. Francis because its as if the animals come out of the wood work. I sit down and the cats come crawling out, dogs running to me. Maybe I should look into this.

So, after the freezing sp;ecial olympics, some of us went to the cuse mall and saw Dear John, which was  a cute movie. No lie, I shed a tear or two. It was good. Then we went shopping at a few stores. I had some extra birthday money and it was just really burning a hole in my pocket, I wish “I could save my money but I love spending money. Not entirely a great habit.

Tomorrow is the SUPERBOWL and I’m SO excited. Planning on having a little party at my house, making food all day, and having some of my sisters over. Excited to watch this game. I borrowed one of my brother’s Saints jerseys and its like the bigggest dress in the universe on me. Whatever. I need to support my Saints. WHO DAT!?!?!?!!? eeeek 🙂 so pumped.


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