SO, I just finished watching one of my favorite tv shows, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. My mother claims its a ridiculous show and they are all a bunch of airheads, but tonight’s episode really made me think about some stuff. Kris thought Bruce’s hobby of toy helicopters was ridiculous, as do i, but eventually she went to the hobby store with him. It made me think. Regardless of whether or not you are interested in the same things as your significant other, I think its really important to at least be supportive. Thats something that really means a lot to people, I know it does for me when a guy is supportive of something I do.

Secondly, Rob went a little ODEEEE trying to get back with his ex, Adrienne. I mean, this dude called her literally 70 times a day. He was even going to fly to New York just to talk with her. Kim said something about love, when you love somebody you have to do everything in your power to show them how much you care. Granted, she didn’t want to get back with Rob and had already moved on, I still give Rob credit for doing what he did. He may have cheated but he definately learned from it. Just because you say you’re sorry, doesn’t make things better. Its your actions that truly speak louder than words. Thats something I’ve learned through dating guys. You can sweet talk me all you want hunnie but at the end of the day it doesn’t mean SHIT unless you prove it and follow through with your actions.

Even though some times this show can be a little bit ridiculous, I love that family. Those girls are really lucky to have 2 parents that are active and supportive of their lives. It fascinates me to see what a real father figure is like, because thats something I don’t have. Maybe thats a reason why I like this show so much – I can live vicariously through them, seeing what its like to have a great dad in your life.

All this from one measely episode of reality TV 🙂

IDK if anyone actually reads what I have to say, but if you feel like leaving a comment/response to anything, you don’t need an account, so feel free!! 🙂 greatly appreciated


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