I’m single for a reason.

Someone asked me tonight, what I’m looking for.

After thinking about it for a bit, I’m GLAD I’ve dated the assholes, the liars, the cheaters, etc.

Because its helped me to know what I want now.

What do I want, you ask?

Someone who makes me a better person.

Someone who likes to give back, because I truly believe lifes not about how rich u are, what clothes u wear, how much money u make. i feel like its about giving back and giving of urself … it brings much more joy than any material things can.

I want someone who understands the things I’ve been through in my life, isn’t weirded out, scared, or think I’m too much work or too much to handle. Someone who loves me anyways and wants to help me get better.

I want someone who will be a shoulder for me to lean on.

Someone who brings out my better qualities.

Someone who believes in a similar religion/faith as me.

Someone who picks me up when I fall.

Someone who truly believes cheating is NOT ok.

Someone who remembers the little details about me, and makes an effort.

Someone who makes me feel worth it.

Is it you?




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