Theres a nice picture of the 2 paddles I painted for my bigs. Not bad for someone who isn’t even an artist, right? I had fun making them, and both of my bigs seemed to enjoy them. I can’t wait until the day I get my own little, who will make me my own paddle 🙂

I’ve been so busy this semester, with the sorority, volunteer work, and maintaining grades. I’ve gotten the flu– h1n1 perhaps? who even knows. I’ve made new friends, tested relationships, and have learned more and more about myself.

Halloween was a great time, I spent it with all of my sisters, going from party, to party, to bar, to club, etc. It was awesome. I’ll attach a few pictures here. For the first few nights, I dressed up as Eve, from the garden of eden, which turned out really well. I made my own costume– oh so crafty. I didn’t end up having an Adam, but thats okay! Totally loved rocking leaves 🙂 Secondly, I dressed up as God’s gift to mankind. This outfit didn’t work out as well as planned– wrapping paper is NOT the easiest to wear, I promise. I made do tho.

Last night, my sisters and I participated in our college’s version of Deal or No Deal, however it was called Meal or No Meal. I guess you could ultimately win $1300 for your connections account, which is basically like a meal plan type of thing. Anyone, my sisters and I got to be the lovely case girls. It was fun. Now that would be pretty sweet to be one of the real case girls, haha. I’d be the first to wipe out, I promise. Anyway, I’m having so much more fun in college now that I’m getting out there and being active. Its such a different experience that I’m really thankful for 🙂 Here’s a pic of us ‘case girls’!

This coming weekend, we’re participating in Relay for Life on campus. I’ve heard about Relay for Life before, when I was in high school but never really got a chance to participate. I’m not entirely sure how it works but now that I know people who have been affected my cancer, I wan’t to fundraise and do what I can. I feel like every little bit we raise makes a difference. You’ll love the shirts we’re having made– i’ll have to post a picture!

Oh and last but certainly not least, I GOT TO SEE TREY SONGZ ON SATURDAY! my life is almost complete. Next step? Meet him. Just saying. ❤

Feel free to leave some comments on here for me, I’d love to get back into writing and talking about things you guys want to read 🙂



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