ue boys

Hey everyone. So, I went home yesterday to go to Anthony’s ^ wake. It was really sad. That was the 4th friend of mine’s wake I’ve gone to, and it doesn’t appear to be getting much easier. Its so crazy to see so many young people there. What a tragedy. Rest in peace, Anthony.

On a lighter note, I waited in line with my best friend/cousin/roommate, and this shriveled up old woman stood right behind me- she must have been  about 90 years old. Anyway she kept stepping on my heels and smacking the back of my legs with her bag. We waited in line for about an hour, and at one point we approached a painting on the wall. There were pairs of women painted on the picture, and they all looked like Mary Poppins when shes at the horse race. Anyway, I pointed at one of them and said ‘oh look, its us!’ and found another group of 2 and said ‘there we are again!’ Just killing time. Lightening the mood. However, the woman behind me shouted out ”GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF THERE!” uhhhh. Embarrassing. What are you, my grandmother? Goshhhh. I swear, something comical happens wherever I go. Its not even a joke.

I’ve attended a few more events with the sorority, and I absolutely love these girls already. They are so sweet, caring, and have done nothing but welcomed us with open arms. I can’t wait to become an initiated member and wear my letters. Tonight we have a ‘Phoenix’ Ceremony, and we must wear all white. That was a trip trying to find white clothes in September, however! I did it. I can’t wait, we get pinned 🙂 This should be fun.

Oh and I have a wonderful new man in my life, yay! 🙂

kay, bye!


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