Hi babies! Things have been great here, just adjusting to the new town and new college. Loving my apartment, and my roommates of course. I took a whole bunch of pictures of the apartment i’m living in , and they’re posted on an album on facebook if you’d like to see.

This past week was rush week for all of the sororities and fraternaties on campus. I attended a whole bunch of them but am especially loving the Alpha Sigma Alpha girls. I won’t find out until tomorrow if I got a bid, but I’m hoping so! I’ll certainly pledge =) Lord knows that will be hectic.

Last night we watched the VMA’s on MTV along with the rest of the world- great show, especially because of alll the drama. First of all, Kanye West is officially a scumbag. I felt soooo badly for Taylor Swift. She’s such a talented and HUMBLE girl who deserved her award. Beyonce is great but I’m sorry her video was just 3 girls dancing, in black and white. I think this one goes to Taylor. Seriously though, Kanye is a grown ass man – I was appalled to say the least. I definitely lost so much respect for him. SMH.

On the other hand, it was SO sweet of Beyonce to give Taylor her momemt in the spotlight. It just shows what a great person she is, and I’m sure Taylor was extremely thankful. That was just a really nice gesture– highly appropriate– props to Beyonce.

As far as Lady Gaga goes— uhhh I love her music but am now slightly creeped out about her after all those outfits. If you haven’t watched the VMA’s yet- there just are no words. I llove how they pan the crowd and you just see her chillin with a birdsnest on her face. Akward? As far as her performance, I don’t know how I feel about the fake blood and hanging by the arm- just … weird. What a weird ass girl.

Oh and shoutout to Lil Mama for crashing Jay-Z and Alicia’s performance. Clearly she just wanted to look all badass like Kanye and get some publicity but for reals? She’s basic a one hit wonder, SIT DOWN.

People these daysss, I swear.


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