I’m up at Cortland, started classes, and am living in my new apartment, which I love by the way! Except I miss Peanut terribly. Everytime I come home, he cries and cries for about a half hour after I’ve been there. It breaks my heart every time I have to leave him. *Sigh* So, my roommates are great, I’ve been doing good as far as cooking food and stuff but now that classes started, this past week I’ve totally been slacking on my meal plan. I forgot to make an appointment to meet with Bruce last week, and need to call and set one up for this week- I have a hunch that he’s not going to be so thrilled with how I’m doing. I’m also super irritated that its extra hard for me to concentrate sometimes. I’ll be reading in a textbook and be wondering in my head what normal people do while they are reading- if they actually comprehend things, etc. It’s shitty. Grrrr.

In other news, I feel like I’m getting chubby. Maybe I should eat more protein and stop eating carbs carbs and more carbs. I hate having to think about what I’m eating. Why can’t we just eat what sounds good? Life was so much simpler when I did that! Anyway, I hope you all are doing well.

Oh and how could I forget to tell you about my drunken escapades? The other night we were all super drunk on the balcony and some how a cat ended up in our house? Its the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen, by the way. We aren’t allowed to have pets. Random. Last night we had a ‘gathering’ on our balcony again, and were dancing to loud music, not a big deal– until the cops came and were SO bitchy! They were seriously SO rude to me and my roommate and said if they had to come back again someone was getting arrested. (for having music too loud? uhhh ok.)

I guess I’ve procrastinated enough for now, time to go read 9 million textbooks- fun!


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