Hey loves. Just wanted to update really quick because I haven’t in a few weeks, I’ve been really busy, for once! After I got home from vacation I had to do SO much shopping before going away to school. I’m a junior this year and transferred into SUNY Cortland so this is my first semester here. Anyway, a little over a week ago I moved into my new apartment up in Cortland with my best friend and another girl, Anna. It was just built so everything is brand new, and its really nice, I like it alot. It feels great to just be away from home and independent and although at first I was worried about how I would do as far as following my meal plan, I’m making an effort and doing pretty well. Classes started 2 days ago and so far everything seems to be going pretty well. I do miss my little dog at home though! Ugh, he’s too precious. I think I might go home this weekend to go shopping for some more room decorations, because this town is too small and has like… a Walmart and K-mart. It’s DEAD. Anyway, I just wanted to say whats up and I hope those of you who read this are doing well 🙂 Feel free to leave any comments and I’ll try to update again really soon! Mwa!


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