Hi 🙂  Last night was fun, I went to a Lea Sophia jewelry party at Sarah’s new house which was incredibly beautiful! Ugh! I want to build a new house! How fun would that be? LOL. Anyway it was nice, got some new jewelry — I LOVE Jewelry<3 Huge Tiffany’s girl right here! You can send all gifts and donations to : lol just kidding 😉 My mom and I are going to host our own jewelry party sometime in October so I’ll need to get everybody’s addresses.

Did a little bit of shopping yesterday, got a few things, and I think I need to do that again today! I’ve out grown a lot of my clothes so its time for new ones! Trying to look at it as me getting older and growing up, not getting fat 🙂 lol. Otherwise it makes it far too hard for me to eat as much as I’m supposed to. So far today I rearranged my room and hung up some posters and cute things in my room- I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. What better time than right before I move out? lol! I got this adorable sign it says ”born to shop, not to mop” haha- its too cute. I think today I need to make some phone calls, go shopping, and see what I need to pack because on Sunday I’ll be heading to the Jersey Shore =) YAY! I love the beach! It will be a much needed vacation, thats for sure!

Oh and on a lighter note, my 10 year old chocolate lab ate corn on the cob and needless to say, he swallowed it? uhhhhh! He’s already had 4 surgeries removing various socks, tube socks, and gloves, so I’m sure this will be surgery number 5. Last time the vet joked that we should install a zipper– LOL– it would probably be a lot cheaper right? Hopefully Casey will be okay!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday =) XO


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