Ay babiesss! I haven’t updated in a few days, my bad. I been home since I got discharged from treatment and its super hard and frustrating but you know what I’m doing it. Every day is a new day so thats what matters. I tend to get down on myself when I use symptoms of my eating disorder but I try to remind myself to start fresh at the next meal. Can’t let 1 meal or 1 bad day bring me down.

Last night I went shopping with Andrea and Liz for some things for my apartment. It was fun, got a whole ton of stuff, but theres so much more I need. I can’t wait to move in — I believe I’ll be doing that maybe the 26th or 27th of this month and then classes will be starting up on the 31st. So excited!!!

Speaking of Andrea, I believe a few thousand blogs ago I may have said something about us being ridiculous and wanting cheese hats from Wisconsin– haha. Well, I got an email from my grandpa yesterday and he found them! So he’ll be sending them in the mail, and you better believe we are so excited – lmao!

One thing I did want to post on here was some of my favorite videos from the most recent season of So You Think You Can Dance! I was definitely touched by a handful of them — I certainly think they are worth watching at least once 🙂

This first one is a piece by Mia Michaels – one of my favorite choreographers — its a piece about addiction. It starts kind of funny but the video does work, lol. Anyway, I LOVE this piece. Its about addiction but I think anyone with a disease can relate to it- you try and try to break free of the hold it has on you and your life and its always pulling you down. In treatment, we would talk about the negative voice associated with the eating disorder and refer to it as “Ed.” – the male character in this piece reminds me of “Ed” — check it out, lemme know what you think!

This second piece is another I absolutely fell in love with. It was choreographed by Travis Wall, who was the runner-up back in season 2. Its about two really good friends who are hesitant to hook up with each other. I LOVE it. Its sooo cute! Hope you like it too!

Last but certainly not least is a dance choreographed by Tyce Diorio, about breast cancer. Its so incredibly beautiful, and had all the audience and judges crying. I think So many people can identify with it. I don’t have cancer but it reminds me so much of the journey I’ve been struggling with. Every day is a constant fight, and you want it to go away– sometimes it just beats you right down and other times you get so frustrated you just want to punch something. Just watch- its so beautiful!

I hope you guys enjoyed these 3 as much as I did! Certainly very memorable pieces. I have ballet tonight, and can’t wait! 🙂 Have a great day everyone ❤ Keep looking up- Everyday is a new day<3


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