Sighhhhh, Trey Songz- I love you. On a lighter note, I’m just hanging out listening to Trey Songz (exhibit A) haha. Had an appointment earlier today. Don’t really know what to do with myself, but this is my first Monday off. I go back to Elmira tomorrow. I think tonight I’m going to be hanging out with the best friend- maybe hitting up dinner and a movie- who knows?! I miss my girls, they’re so great =) I’m working on getting tickets to go see Lil Wayne, Drake, Jeremih, Soulja Boy, and Young Jeezy- I can’t believe I forgot to get them already! Eek I love Drake and Lil Wayne and I been listening to Jeremih a lot lately=) Anyway, I updated the myspace page, tried to make it a little more cute haha. If you don’t have me as a friend on there feel free to add me – the link is – Hit that up <33 Although I’m slowly weening myself off of myspace and onto twitter and stuff. Leave some comments on here though, and I’ll start posting new blogs soon =)


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