I’m exhausted! The past few days have been a rollercoaster, as usual. Friends have left the program, and that’s extremely hard. I’ve gotten closer to other friends in the program, and have a blast with my girls Becca and Jamie. We usually go to the park on Walnut St. every night after program to get the heck out of a house. It was just the three of us yesterday in program, so we got to go to Applebees for dinner with Bruce. It was not so challenging for me, it was fun. Applebees is one of my favorite restaurants. Anyway, we just hung out last night, crashed kind of early.

Today was cool as well. We went to the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, obviously. We made these cool flower things, but they have to cool so we wont get them for a few days. It was pretty cool though. We walked around this art thing in the streets afterwards and went to lunch. Got this big-ass burger, and loved it. We came back to the house and each of us packed and headed in our opposite directions. I drove back home, took Peanut and Casey for a walk, which was funny, for anyone who sees a chocolate lab and chihuahua next to one another. I visited with my mom for a little bit, hit up a few stores, and drove to my grandma’s house. ((@tweetingranny for those of you on twitter 😉 )) I decided to spend some time here, because being at my actual home is stressful for me because it reminds me too much of my old behaviors. Anyway, this week is interesting, becuase I get to start “transitioning” out of treatment. Starting this week, I only have to be there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday instead of Monday through Sunday. I’m pretty excited to get more time at home and a little bit of my summer back. I’m l0oking forward to seeing my friends, and just hanging out- like everyone else lol. I’m pretty beat tonight though, so I’m doing a whole ton of laundry and just hanging out for the night. Suppose I’ll update in the near future. XO


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