Life is short…

….& I’m too sexy to frown =) ” -What a great affirmation, compliments of Patricia aka Mama. Wonderful woman.

Sorry I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to dedicate to updating my blog. Things have been going pretty great for the most part. I had a rough weekend. Saturday program was really fun. “Mama” took Becca and I to get manicures and pedicures, and then we went out to lunch. My feet are SO ticklish- they all thought it was hilarious how I was basically rolling around laughing.  After that we went to Panera- it was kind of over whelming for me, mainly because I’m not used to eating that type of food, but you know what I got through it.  Later on in the day I had gotten in an argument with my mom, and I couldn’t drop it. It bugged me ALL night, untill I “lapsed” – it turned into me being angry at myself for binging and no longer about the argument I had with my mom. I was very upset with myself and felt like such a failure after all the progress I made. I woke up Sunday and it was such a better day. I followed my meal plan and everything was back to normal. I guess thats part of recovery- having a bad day but being able to start fresh the next day. Anyway, I went back to treatment Monday, and it was akward at first because no one was there until mid morning so, for breakfast I was all alone and in community meeting? I was the community. Today was much better. Everyone was back and feeling better, and I had missed all the girliessss!

Tonight was great at well. Shannon and I are certainly impulsive and decided to do something crazy. She wanted to get her nose pierced and I decided to get tattoo #3. I’m able to rationalize tattoos only if they will still mean something special to me when and if I ever turn 80- haha. I don’t want some cartoon character that I just think is cute- it will never be cute when I’m older. Anyway, I looked up some things online and I found this really pretty symbol- its the universal symbol for eating disorder recovery. I really fell in love with it and thought it was something I really wanted to do, as a reminder. A reminder of what my goals are (recovery) and at the same time, its a constant reminder of where I started- that horrible place, and how I never want to go back there. It came out really well, and I’m super happy with it!! Yayyyy!



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