So ummmmm today was very …bizaareeee. It was Megan’s last day, which was sad, because we all really bonded in this past week or so. Tomorrow is also Tara’s last day. It was bitter sweet doing their discharge ceremonies, we were all tears. Its nice to be a in a group where you really bond with the people. However, I’m very excited for them to be moving on and making so much progress with their eating disorders. We also had two new girls, Becca and Alyssa, start today, which was nice. People are slowly beginning to transition out so I’m glad we’re getting new people in. Also, my roommate Lindsay has been really sick and tonight they decided to discharge her, because she’s too sick I think. I hope she gets better. Today I also had an appointment with an occupational therapist, it was like a 2 hour evaluation, but I learned a lot and pending my insurance will comply, I’ll probably be going back to see this woman. So, things were kind of hectic today, but last night me, Shannon, and Megan spent the night printing out coloring book pictures of garden gnomes, coloring them, and gluing bruce’s face to them. We taped them up all over the clinic this morning, and everyone got a great laugh. His reaction coming in today, “All I have to say is, What the hell.” We laughed. So funny. Anyways, I’m really tired so I will have to write more in depth tomorrow or the next day. Also, happy birthday to my best friend Andrea, turned 20 today. Love and miss her.


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