Hi everyone! Thanks for being patient with me, Since I haven’t been able to update on here as much as I would like to lately. The past few days at this clinic have been a lot better for me. I’m actually feeling happy and feel like I’m making progress. It will be a week tomorrow, and I feel a dramatic difference, now that I’m on a normal sleep schedule and eating right. Every morning, we wake up at the house, get ready for the day, and drive about two streets over to the eating disorder clinic, where we start off getting comped, where they do a bunch of tests that measure our body weight, fat, fluids, bmi, lean muscle, etc. Then we come upstairs to this living room area with a bunch of couches and comfy sofas and hang out until everyones done, and usually have breakfast at 8:30. I have to eat 2 eggs and a bagel with peanut butter. After that we come back to this little room and have a community meeting where we talk about our night, how we’re feeling today, and if we have an affirmation for the day, like ”be strong,” or ”live in the moment.” Then we do yoga or art therapy, it switches every day. Next is snack- I have to have a large fruit. After that we usually have some type of educational class until lunch. For lunch i have to eat 4  protein, 2 carbs, and a vegetable or salad with dressing. After lunch we go to group therapy, which is actually kind of nice. We take a break, come back and when we finish we have afternoon snack, and I’m supposed to have either fruit, peanuts, or ice cream. What we do next varies from day to day, sometimes we’ll do individual therapy, other times see the nutritionist, or do someones discharge ceremony. Next is dinner, where again I have to have 4 protein, 2 carbs, a vegetable and a fat. After dinner we do kudos, which is where we pass around this little box full of ”kudos” or notes were supposed to fill out for someone during the day, that say like- ”kudos to ____ for this specific action:” I like doing those, its nice to hold onto the kudos you get and save them. There is a lot of positive support here and its nice to be in an environment where other people are experiening eating disorders as well and going through similar experiences- they know that eating disorders are never about food, but instead a deeper issue. Its just a lot better now that I have met with the nutritionist and am on a meal plan, so I can eat food that I actually am used to eating. I feel happy and I have permission to do a little bit of exercise. How could I forget- my cousin/best friend drove up to see me last night! It was SO nice to just drive around and go to some stores and hang out like we usually do at home. The only thing that kind of sucks is that we have a 10 pm curfew, so I only had from like 7-10 to hang out and visit with her, but thats okay, its better than nothing, for sure. I was really glad to see her and I felt like I was right back at home, being my normal insane self, haha. Tomorrow I have to go get a bone density scan, which should be interesting, since my bones are osteopenic, or that of a 50 year old. Not so cool. Anyway, I will be updating soon, thanks for reading:)


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  1. Wow!..you sound like a 21 year old young woman taking charge of your life..amazing..amazing..amazing..

    I sent this to Papa..he called me..so proud

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