Hi my loves! Its been far too long since I’ve written anything. I don’t  even know if I remember what has happened lately:) How nice. Let me  think. Last Thursday, Andrea and I drove out to Whitney Point to  Giuseppa’s familys’ restaurant. That was weird to say. Anyway, she  was having a Mary Kay open house, so of course I had to go. I love makeup! She did makeovers for us, and we ended up lookin rather  flyyyyy 😉 It was nice though, to hang out. Giuseppa and I went  downtown for like a half hour afterwards, which leads me to say that it  is horribly lame for the bars to close on thursdays at 1am. The night is  SO not over, what are they thinking?! We ended up with some people  at Denny’s afterwards, and that was fun too. Hmmm. I dont even know what I’ve done since then. That’s so sad! 


Oh, last night, Emily and I went to Friday’s for drinks- I got their Ultimate Electric Lemonade, which is clearly my new favorite drink ever! If you haven’t had it before, you should. It doesn’t even taste like alcohol, Aka, my kind of drink 🙂 Then we went to the movies to go see Hangover, which was HILARIOUS! I want to see it like, seventy more times, no lie. It was that good. I think I’ve gotten black-out drunk once in my life, and ended up puking the entire next day- SO not classy! But yeah, definately recommend that movie, hahaha, I’m laughing just thinking about it! 


I went out to get some dinner with my mom and 17 year old brother tonight, and after we stopped at the liquor store because I wanted to buy the ingredients to make my new favorite drink! Cool enough, TGI Friday’s even has the recipes for their drinks on their website, FYI. So, we went there and I left my ID at home, so I needed my mom to buy it for me. No biggie. Anyway, my mom asked the guy behind the counter if I look 21. He laughed and said no. She proceeded to ask him how old I actually do look, and he said “sixteen.” FML! I’m 21. haha. He then said my 17 year old brother looks about 18, and said that I would be a really good undercover cop, working at a highschool or something. That’s honestly not the first time I’ve heard that! Once I graduate I may just try and work for the FBI so you all better be good! 😉 I’m sneaky and look like a highschool sophomore, haha!


Someone just reminded me how much I hate when people IM me on the computer and then a few minutes into the conversation ask who I am. Uh, hello. You are the one who IMed me! Don’t act all stupid! Ahhh! That just rubs me the wrong way, take notes.  Also, Monday night (tonight) is one of my favorite TV nights! The Bachelorette is on, yay!!!! as well as Jon and Kate plus 8- Those kids are just the cutest! Anyway, I’m off to go make myself a nice yummy cocktail- If you’re not following me on twitter yet, now would be a good time to start 🙂 ((@kbella88)) Ok bye!



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