Count Your Blessings


I have SO many things I want to talk about, but we’ll see if I can remember them all! If my mind could speak, it would be rambling. Today was a GREAT day for me.  Sometimes I wish I had a significant other to come home to on days when I have good news, especially if they know what I’ve gone through in the past. It doesn’t seem to have the seem effect on someone who doesn’t know your entire story. O well, thats what family is for right? 


Anyway, I woke up this morning, ran an errand or two, and then I had an appointment with Dr. Monastra, an attention disorder specialist. I’ve seen him a few times in the past few weeks and had to perform a series of tests that measure my attention and literally my brain waves when performing all kinds of tasks- listening, reading, writing, etc. Long story short, today he told my mom and I that he doesn’t think I have ADHD-I have the same attention problems as a person with ADHD, however mine are caused by my nutritional deficiencies. He had reviewed some of my report cards from elementary school, middle school, high school, and college transcripts as well. He started off by saying that looking at them, its safe to say I’m an intelligent person. In his words, ‘i thought they were giving you grades based on your body temperature because everything was 98, 99, 99, 99, etc.” Funny. Anyway, he said thats very unusual for someone who has inherited ADHD. They would at LEAST by 7th grade have some remarks from their teachers saying “he/she could do better” etc. For me though, none of that! I never spent too much time on homework until college, and my teachers were essentially saying I was kicking ass. I never had any kind of problems until the 10th grade, when I first started dealing with anxiety. So ok, this Dr. goes on to tell me how important it is that I get the protein I need in each of my meals, saying I need to be consuming 20g during breakfast (which I never eat) and again during lunch. My eyes bugged out of my head because hellloooo I have a small stomach I can’t eat that much are you nuts!? Thats doable if you’re a siamese twin maybe! Regardless, he gave me all these tips and highly recommends I go see a nutrionist, although I’m slightly worried how that will turn out. I’ve NEVER been a good eater; it started when I was a baby, and I can’t help it. I’m beyond picky and stubborn when it comes to trying new foods- its like I know if I’m going to like it or not, and most of the time? It’s a NOTTTTTTTT. I knew I was dealing with a few nutritional deficiencies, but this guy was the first doctor out of a handful to make me really grasp how important this is. I think its because all the other doctors I’ve seen just tell me to take a bunch of supplements- Ok, hi, you can’t just shove supplements down my throat and expect me to be compliant, it just doesn’t work. 


Anyway, one thing he did say was that he was legit amazed by the results on my IQ test maybe 2 years ago. He couldn’t believe it. I mean, I knew I did really well, but according to him I slammed it out of the ball park! I do remember when I took the test, the doctor had told me I was the only person throughout his entire career to score 100% on the performance portion of the test. The most interesting part? without the right vitamins and appropriate level of protein in my diet, my brain isn’t functioning even HALF of what its capable of. HOWEVER! He stressed that my intelligence level is higher than 99% of people my age. Can you IMAGINE what I’m going to be capable of when I get the proper diet? As I gradually increase the amount of protein in my every day diet, I should see that I need less and less stimulant medication. This is the first time someone really put into perspective my intelligence level and what I’m capable of. I remember asking, “well doesn’t everyone else get similar scores?” Him and my mom were both like NO NO NO hunny, you just about qualify for MENSA. I’m so thrilled. This is in my control, and I’m ready to finally end this nightmare of struggling with school work. I can’t wait to get my brain working to its full potential and see what i’m REALLY capable of and where that takes me in life. I used to think about how I would love to be a brain surgeon or a vet, and I dismissed that idea because I didn’t think I could pass all those hard Bio, Chem, BioChem, etc. classes needed to get me there. Today, I was shown that I can do anything I put my mind to. Feeling really blessed and thankful for the knowledge God’s given me. 

66After seeing Dr. Monastra, I went and picked up Andrea, and we decided to hit up our poor excuse for a mall- a much needed shopping trip. It was highly successful<3 I got a bikini, belly button ring, twilight shirt, weezy shirt that I’ll be wearing till i’m 90 because I love him, some nail polish, a miniskirt, bras and some super cute undiieeessss. Ballinnnn! I love all my new stuff- love it love it love it! Oh and how could I forget, Andrea and I took our pictures in this little booth thingie- the quality isn’t great but thats okay:) 

Best Friends
Best Friends 2

Best Friends 3


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