I just tried to take a nap and that failed miserably, so here I am. Not only did I fall asleep to the sound of 2 lawn mowers about 10-15 feet from my head, but also the sounds of young neighbor girls screaming at the top of their lungs. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but not when I’m napping.  The nap-ending moment had to be when my mom came into my room and ripped the blanket off of me and my dog, Peanut, saying “I’m doing laundry.” THATS IT- I’m up. ::SMH::


Anywhoo. Yesterday, Andrea [[best friend/cousin/video partner]] and I had a brilliant idea, and decided to drive a half hour or so to this place called ”Candyland.” I’ve legit wanted to go for like a year, its a diabetics nightmare and sugar addicts DREAM. Being a sugar addict myself, I did not know what to do with myself. There was like…penny candy (except due to inflation its now $.25 candy) and every kind of candy you could ever think of. Needless to say, we had a blast, and both left with bags weighing the same as me. I’m going to be rotting my teeth out and murdering my pancreas. I don’t even know if its the pancreas that produces insulin. I hope its not, just so I sound like total TOOL. I swear, I have a college degree! I really do! haha. Anyway, we took a ton of pictures after, and i’ll definately be posting them when she uploads them:)


Last but certainly not least, the MTV movie awards are on tonight, and i’m definately pumped to watch those. They never get old! AND the trailer for New Moon also comes out tonight, and I cannot wait to get another glimpse of Robert Pattenson & Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella, and woohoooo Jacob will be in this movie! Ok, enough of my ranting! Speaking of movies, the other night I saw Drag Me to Hell- Not sure how much I liked that one. It was okay, I jumped like 20 times, but the random comedy parts just killed the whole scary movie plot. However! I saw the trailer for this new movie coming out, featuring Audrina from the Hills, ((Yay!)) called Sorority Row. Definately want to see that one, it looks ILL. Definately check that out if you like scary movies, just google it or something. Be back to update you on my life in the near future;) XO 



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