XO ;)


hey dolls;) so, today i took Peanut to the vet, it was just the cutest thing. He had to get a rabies shot, and he growled the whole time he was getting it haha. The vet said if he had a reaction to it later on, i’d have to give him benedryll, like…a drip (he’s 3.1 lbs) haha! I asked how I would know if he was having a reaction and he said the dog would have swollen eyelids and lips, HAHA. Can you just imagine my 3 lb dog with swollen eyelids and lips?! I didn’t even know he HAD eyelids! ah! so cute, I love that dog more than life. Its so funny how dogs will love their owner no matter how grouchy you are, if youre mean to them, theyre so unconditionally loving, and its great. I love my little Peanut to death and I swear i’ll be going through total withdrawals when I move into my new apartment in August, because I can’t take him with me! ah! What will I do!?


Anyway, the other night I watched the 2nd episode of the Bachelorette and I’m loving this season. First of all, Juan is a total weasel and it sucks that Jillian obviously doesn’t see how fake he is! I thought that was SO lame of him to pour out his shot and pretend to take it with everyone else and be like ‘ohh that burned’ –you retard! no it did NOT! u didnt even take ur shot! Seriously though, if you don’t want a shot, just say that! Be yourself! I can’t stand people who do things like that, what are you trying to prove? I also don’t like Wes- he seems like a total cocky jerk, and its ridiculous. I hope he doesn’t go much further in the whole scheme of things. My vote is for Kipton, and no, I don’t know how to spell his name, but he’s a total “hunk.” woohoo!


Word on the street is that the second book in the Twilight series, New Moon, is coming out movie style- I am SO pumped for that! It was a really great series, and I’ll admit, at first I didn’t think I’d like it but when I started reading the books, I was hooked, along with every other female on the planet- We all love Edward Cullen, don’t even lie! Nothing beats the dreams of a fictional perfect boyfriend<3 Regardless, he’s one beautiful looking vampire- bite me! RWAR!



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