Well, I think now that I have some free time I can actually update this blog. My mom and grandma and I are watching Bridezilla’s, and some of these people are insane for wanting to get married! ugh! how could you stand anyone who even goes by the nickname ”bridezilla”?! doesn’t that say something right there?! crazy!

however someone posted a bulletin on myspace that reminded me what kind of passion I want!

that is SUCH a classic movie, i dont care if you’re a guy or girl, you have to love that movie. Otherwise, I think something might be wrong with you!

Speaking of relationships, I see all this drama going on in the media lately with Jon and Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8. Eitherway I love that show and I’m excited for the season premiere tomorrow, it should be interesting. My guess is they won’t give up their lives of getting free things handed to them left and right. Who would though? I just hope they do whatever is best for all those kids, they are the cutest!

Anyway, I’m enjoying my break so far<3 I love summer! Its so great taking my little dog outside, he’s the cutest thing ever! I think i’ll go crazy without him when I move into the apartment in august- aw mannn;;

XO Kiki


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