Haaaave Mercy

Okay so, I just need to vent real quick like.

Shout out to all you OBNOXIOUS dudes.  I’m not sure If i’m easily irritated or if its normal to get irritated at conversations like this:

him: do u not remember me?

me: i remember u

him: is that a good thing or bad thing?

me: its neither

him: why not?

me: cause I dont have an opinion on it?

him: oh but I want you to

me: well I don’t

him: why not?

ARE U KIDDING MEEEEE STFUUUUU!! I cannot stand people who insist on having those conversations with me, who feel the need to say ‘why not?’ after every little thing, when I’ve already made it clear that idk!!! UGH!!! this is why I’d rather stay single, thank you and goodbye.

pink gun


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