^^How cute is that hello kitty thing? loves it!!

Whaddddup? Sorry loves, I haven’t gotten a chance to post anything in the past few days, its been mega hectic. However, tomorrow is my last day of the semester, YAY! Its nice to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel:) I’ve got some papers 2 write tonight, but it seems like nothing compared to what I’ve done all semester. So, we’re good. I can’t wait for it to be summer, I can actually sleep and I wanna catch up on some reading….reading what I actually want too =)

Oh I just found some more of my fave quotes, mainly the ones  Iwas debating before I decided on what to get for my tattoo:)

Be strong now because things will get better, it might be stormy now but it cant rain forever-

If God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it

Take pride in whatever it is that makes you different; Individuality is what divides you from the rest

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything

Everything will be ok in the end; If its not ok, its not the end

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Love them all! Such good ones! I’d like to get another tattoo soon, but a) im broke and b) i have no clue what to get! So I think i’ll hold off on that, haha.

Anyways, the only class I’ll slightly miss is my women’s literature class, which is suprising because before the semester started I was dreading it and thought it was going to be some sort of bra-burning feminist thing, but I actually learned a lot. On the last day, our teacher brougth in this massive box of tissues, it was too funny. She was all like, I’m going to miss you guys so much! Youre the reason I even wake up on Tuesdays and Thursdays- it was sweet and of course she started crying, and before you know it the rest of us are all teary eyed too- it was funny thoughhh. Met some really cool girls and made new friends in that class so thats always a plus:)

Anyway, I’m gunna get back to the work I have due tomorrow, but then I’ll be able to actually devote some more time to this, etc. and RELAX!!! thanks for checkin my blog out, love y’all<3 XO


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