heard about me

hey loves =) sorry i havent been posting as frequently as i’d like to be, i’ve been SO busy this past week with school. fortunately, the semester is almost over, I only have 2 more days….i can SO do this, haha. Then summer vacation will officially begin!  Ill definately be posting more exciting things, but thanks to those of you who have been checking this page out, you rock. As for me, tonight ill be studyingg….I need some good songs to put on a playlist for studying =) thatd be prettty chill if you have any suggestions, leave it as a comment- and no, u dont have to be signed up on here or anything to do that:)  Also, tomorrow night is the bar crawl, i’m most likely participating lol…should be interesting:) Anyway, i hope everyone’s doing great, shoutout to all my new followers on twitter!<3

Oh and by the way, i’m pretty sure it doesnt get any worse than getting in a massive fight with your best friend who happens to be a family member. Hmm. However! sometimes people will say things to you that you cant even believe… it sucks, right? Apparently there are some people who think I resemeble a coke addict- due to my ‘behaviors’ and the fact that im retardedly skinny…well, people need to mind their own businesss, and stop hatin! sorry but i’ve always been this skinny, thats the most ludacriss thing ive ever heard- best part is …i’ve never even smoked a CIG! im drug freee:) k thanksss.. just wanted to clear that up!


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