Su Madre….eh? eh?

Today is mother’s day. If you didn’t know that, thank you for coming out from under your rock and joining us. However, thats horrible, so maybe you should go back under your rock, haha.

Exhibit A: Mom, Grandma (shuteyeee), & me–seems only appropriate to post this=)


Moving on, haha.

Today was highly uneventful. For some reason, my mom and I seem to get in a fight on Mother’s Day, every year. Its just like….tradition, perhaps. We’re good now.

Thanks to those of you who read these silly blogs of mine. Sometimes I actually have stuff to say! && that totally makes my day if you tell me you read something, or you leave a comment on it with your opinion. (You don’t need an account or anything) So, keep it up and I will too! The semester is coming to an end, but once I graduate real soon, I’m sure Andrea and I will be makin more videos, for those of you asking for more. Also, add me on youtube, the username is kbella88, same videos there along with 2 of my doggies. I just love the feedback, so keep it comin my way:)

Last but certaintly not least, I want another tattoo! I have no idea what, and no artistic tattoo drawing ability, haha. So that means I want to hear/see your ideas:)!!

I also hope to get out of this hillbilly town this summer. I don’t have lots of money but I’m going to make do, and try to have a good time! So maybe if you’re in the NY area at least, we can do something! Gotta let me know if you’re down, and we’ll see what happens!

Love u guys!<3 XOXO

ue boys


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