One More Thing

I totally forgot to put something important in my last post.

My next door neighbors, the Bailey’s, are close friends to my family. They have 4 children- 2 young girls and 2 boys that my brother goes to high school with. Mrs. B was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and is going through chemotherapy. That’s stressful for her, as well as the entire family. However, a few days ago, Mrs Bailey’s brother, the kids’ uncle, commited suicide. The family is having a hard time as expected, but Mrs. Bailey’s mother is just…not able to deal, she’s a wreck. One of her children is dealing with breast cancer and her oldest just died. I can’t imagine what she’s going through. I just ask that you guys can keep her and the family in your prayers, because they really need the strength to get through these hard times right now, and theres not much else we can do to make it better. Thanks. XO


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