Im so High I Can Vomit on A Comet

I feel better today:)

I kinda lost it for a bit last night… was at 3 nights of no sleep, so after talkin on the phone I crashed lol and slept like 18 hours….i’m refresheddd and back on my grinddddd- got a LOT of work to due- mainly for monday and tuesday so i’ll be pullin papers outta my ass left and righttt. Just trying to keep thinking about how theres only a few more days left. I can’t wait til after! Gunna catch up on all my showsss…. and read what I want to read….and have an actually GREAT summer before moving into the new apartment in Cortland:) I wanna be spontaneous and do fun things- Like, swizzbeatz talked to me on twitter, and told me he’s in nyc all dayyyy- If i didnt have all this to do and study i’d be like…..roadtrip to the city asap!!!!! 🙂 thatd be fun<3 Anyway just wanted to say whaddddderrrppppp- thanks to everyone whose been checkin up on me and offering to help, appreciate it- i’ll try and update soon:) XO


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