Yeah, I said it. I’m at the library, waiting for my brain to wake up so I can do my work. Last night Britt and I went to the library, the usual, and after hunting all over the place for a seat, found a table small enough for a jockey- had to relocate it half way across the library…how convenient! I’m just appalled at how obnoxious people are- is it that I get too annoyed or they’re ridiculous? For example, should I hear a group of people SHOUTING and laughing about 200 feet away in a library? Or when people sprint by your table….honestly? Like….this is a library, correct? I didn’t knwo it was cool to play tag up and down the aisles. I hate immaturity. Oh how could I forget the obnoxious loud girls- 1 of them who looks like Aunt Jemima- walking around the library blabberrrringg as loud as can be….w/ their arms straight out, pretending to be zombies- ”guide me!!” –are you KIDDING MEEEEEE?!

britt and I also decided to go downstairs and rape the vending machine….took the elevator and the doors wouldnt open for like 5 minutes once we got to the floor. We were so over tired just laughing hystericallyyy lol- loves ittttt!

Anyway, I gotta get back to work, will update soon. can’t wait for this semester to be over- I’ll be in a 4 week long sleep I’m sure, resembling a coma<3 woohooooo!


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