Yo Yo YiGGiTy YO


Anyways, just want to say thanks to those of you who have checked out my blog so far, you rock:)

OH! How could I forget to mention this! I finally got a reply on twitter from Lil Wayne- my favorite person in the entire universe, no biggie! I think I had a heart attack for like… 3 hours after that happened. My life is now complete! Woo! Lets do it againnnnn! haha

So, my mom just came from work. Her and I are SO different, opposite personalities. She talks a ton, I keep to myself. She schedules everything, I play it by ear. She finishes her work before play, I need play mixed in with my work to keep my sanity. GOOD LAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDDDDD that women has been driving me up a wall. No offence, I just can’t wait to move into my apartment in August, hollaaaaa!

Last night went to BU library w/ Brittnee & Kyle- slaving away at school work for hours, the usual; Got home around 4 am, and I actually went to sleep at like… 5am. Sounds early to be going to bed, but keep in mind i havent slept in like… 2 weeks haha. Just a few hours here, a few hours there. So im pretty shocked that I went to bed and actually heard my alarm to wake up. Tonight’s going to be brutal though. Relaxing now, have quite the dry history class from 6-9, and then im sure BU library again for the entire night;; guarenteed all nighter- Have at LEAST 2 papers to write for tomorrow… aren’t you jealous of my life? thank God the semester is over in 2 weeks- graduation yayyyyy!

I suppose for now I should stop procrastinating. Just do the damn thingggggg;;I think I put things off so much because I don’t even want to attempt to conquer a gigantic mound of homework–its SO frustrating. However, ”Lil C” said something to me last night that I really liked. (Don’t know who Lil C is? come out from under your rock & google him);; He said- “Get your shit in focus, it ain’t gonna get any easier…That’s what the victory of progression is all about.” How right is he? It’ll all be worth it in the end.


For now though, I’m about to LOCK IN! You should too! ((I love Diddy; Great motivation for me especially, because I don’t have a positive male role model in my life- I definately suggest following him on twitter- @Iamdiddy))


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