Lemme Vent

Incase you didn’t read the title, I need to vent.

First and foremost, yesterday on facebook, I thought it was a good idea to pick my ”top 5” people I want to punch in the face- what a hilarious game! Well, my number 5 : Helen Keller! It’s only the most obvious choice. Ok hello, I just get pissed because a) she’s blind, b) she’s deaf c) she published a BOOK. I’m not blind or deaf, and have accomplished nothing of the sort. Gooddd lawwwwwwwdddddddd- I guess God was mad at me or something, because last night I got Proactive refinishing mask in my eye. Yup! Inside the eye-I was just waiting to go blind…and laughing at the same time, because im a little sleep deprived.

Anyway, these next 2 weeks are seriously going to be the death of me. It’s not even a joke anymore. I’m so SICK of working my ass off to get 1 thing done, and then I get all depressed because I get nothing accomplished- Why you ask? Oh just because I’m an IDIOT and saved all the classes I didn’t want to take, untill my last semester! And thats like… 3 writing intensive courses and some other crap. I think I’ll just write in here, the crap I have to do like just this week…Keep in mind I haven’t slept in 2 days yet..

For tomorrow: write a summary on a 30 page chapter;; primary source history paper revision;; finish a 10 page paper

Tuesday: English paper due on a novel I havent read;; Social Problems paper due on 2 novels I haven’t had time to read;; notes to take on genocide;; women’s lit come up with 3 terms, 3 essay questions, and 3 quotes;; take specifically handwritten notes on a 30 page history chapter by thursday;; Describe/discuss in detail Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism/Daoism…. NEED I CONTINUE?!?!?! thats seriously not even everything I have to do! Throw in a powerpoint presentation I gotta whip up too! AHHHHH!!! I am ONE person. I do not have enough time to be each and every 1 of these teachers slaves. I just don’t get it. Is it just me, or do teachers act like their class is the only relavent thing in the world? this is a 2 year COMMUNITY COLLEGE for f*ck’s sakes!!!! aaaahhhhhhhh! Most people freak out when they have to pull 1 freakin all nighter…. i legit pull 4 a week.. to say the least. That is SO not necessary!? I’ve worked SO hard coming up from where I started, got a good GPA n made the President’s list last semester, and now this is gunna screw up my entire GPA and im a huge perfectionist, so i’ll hate myself, great!!

I can’t wait for So You Think You Can Dance to start… May 21st… thats like the ONLY thing I’m looking forward to, because since I was swamped this semester I couldnt work, so now I have absolutely NO money. Actually, I have $2.01 in my SAVINGS ACCOUNT! Do you even know how depressing that is? I could buy like 1/3 of a shoelace if I wanted to go ”shopping.” Its so frustrating, ugh. I’m growin up with a 17 year old brother and a single mom, granted she provides for us and we get buy, sometimes I wish I could just go shopping and get some cute stuff so I didn’t feel like a ragamuffin every day of my life. While I was like… rummaging through my clothes that don’t fit…((I lost some weight from the pictures you all might have seen)) so everything is big on me, NOTHIN fits me, and I don’t have the money to go get anything nice. I’m not trying to make you ”feel bad” for me or anything, I’m just throwing myself a pity party, hoping maybe I’ll feel better after, lol. I was thinking about it earlier, and somehow I started thinking about the show ”The Hill’s” on MTV. It’s actually my 2nd favorite show after SYTYCD, and I watch it all the time. Sometimes though, it gets really annoying because of the whole situation I just explained- me like… digging through my couch coushins to find spare change, when these guys n girls are like.. omg lets go to hawaii! okay lets go! …everythings on such a whim…they go everywhere, do what they want, have the nicest things, and I’m not sure why they’re famous? I love the show, and they seem like really nice people, but i dunno… its just crazy to think how some people can have so much money and do things on a whim and you have to wonder if they ever think about that… me personally, I’d feel bad, thats just the way I was raised. That reminds me, Andrea (bestieee) and I always talk about random things, and we can’t get over the things some people do. I guess its just because her and I have the same morals, etc. For example, if either of us went out to dinner with another friend’s family, we would both try and pay for our own meal. We’d never just sit there and let them pay. Actually, I tried to pay last time I went out to eat with Andrea’s family.. shes my COUSIN! and they’re my godparents, lol. In that situation, we just don’t understand the people who will sit back and let everyone pay for them. Maybe thats the reason I’ve never gone out to dinner for a legit ”date”- I just feel so guilty making people spend money on me. The other day, I was watching the Tyra Banks Show, and Jamie Foxx was on, and they were talking about dating, and how its hard being a celebrity- I could see why, how do you really know whose legit and whose just trying to use you as a stepping stone? He was talking about this one girl, and how she asked him for some money, and hes goin on sayinnn he doesn’t mind dishin out a few hundred for whatever ((which is like.. insane for me)) but the girl asks for like… $5,000!!! like WHO DOES THATTTTTT U TURDDDD!? that is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard!!! I wouldn’t even ask anyone aside from my mom or best friend to BORROW $5!!!!! That is just APPALLINGGGGGGGGG to me! Dumb girls screwin it up for the rest of us- Not everyone’s a gold-digger, for real!! That just completely blew my mind, geeeezzz.

Anyway, I can’t wait for these 2 weeks to be over. Puttin me in such a grouchy and miserable mood, I just wanna relax, and make more ridiculous videos with my best friend, and be obsessed with twitter and shtufff. SO yeah…. thats all for now, OVER & OUT! haha


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