From The Heart

i just wanna say that i have the BEST best friend in the world, my cousin Andrea. I love her more than life itself and would do anything for her. The other night at the library she wrote me this little note, and it meant so much to me, and its something I wish a boyfriend would do for me.

“Can I Just say that I love you and that I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come since Albany? I’m glad your my best friend. Sorry this is kind of random, I just know people go throughout their day without telling the people they care about how much they really mean to them. I love you bestie, always<3”

Something as simple as that, telling me you’re proud of me and my achievements, would mean more to me than any date, flowers, dinner, or any monetary thing you could give me as a boyfriend. However, she is the ONLY person who does that, so maybe you guys should take notes? thats all i want.

Then she went on to say,

“I’m glad you liked it. I felt you needed a little ‘pick me up’ and some reminding about how much you mean to me. I have a lot of good friends and a few that have been with me for years but believe me when I say youre the BEST, my numero uno for sure! Lol and yes I cannot wait to move in with you and do our work at OUR kitchen table with OUR bulbs! lol. Oh, and I was also thinking..I feel bad if i’ve been hard on you at times…its just I feel I know you better than most people and I know what youre capable of..also, not only are you my closest friend, youre also my family which makes me care and worry about you twice as much, ya know? I hope you dont think I’m rude or mean. Its just love. another thought…like when I was making comments about being with Ashley..its not necessarily that I dont like her or whatever..i think shes funny and she’s chill to be around however she hurt you, even if youre over it now, im just protective of you i guess? Because i know youre such a caring and loving person and probably naive sometimes because youre so trusting. I just hate it when you get hurt, and when I see you hurting. Like, i think about how you balled your eyes out when you found out she was in jail, and how you loved her so much you werent sure how you would live, and how you were willing to look for a 3 bedroom apartment for her to share with us because you cared for ashley SO much. And it just kills me how she repayed you with the whole Paul fling. And I guess I probably shouldnt care anymore because youve moved on which is awesome. I just cant stand it when youre hurting. It really hurts me. And now with this whole Steve bullshit…i basically wanna rip off his manhood because i dont know what the heck he’s doing with you. and no offence..i did have my doubts, mainly because of the distance and for my general hate/absolutely no trust with men. UGH. I just saw ho happy you were when you talked about him and how you were making cute plans when he was supposed to come up…and look what happened.. he went MIA and now hes hardly talking to you.I just wish you would stay single so I wouldnt have to see you get hurt, lol. Anyways sorry for the rant and shit. I hope you dont think im being rude or mean. But basically i dont think anyones good enough for you. Okay, maybe a pre-med handsome lad in his mid-late twenties, but other than that, no one ! lol sorry for the novel, i just felt i needed to explain the method to my madness. ❤ you, so much!

I just thought this note was great. Its really important sometimes to see what a bystander sees going on. How, I can tell a person they’ve hurt me or are hurting me, but you know its true when someone ELSE can see it too, and know how much people mean to you. I dunno. She’s just me best friend in the universe, and when I get married, it will only be to soemone just like her! It drives me nuts the way NO ONE can seem to do this! IDC if you’re a guy, girl, or muppet from Sesame street- its not that complicated! am i THAT crazy!? am I asking too much!? good lawwwwwddddddddd i rest my caseeee



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