Miss Me?

there are SO many more important things I should be doing right now, however, procrastination is my specialty…what can i say?
who ever got me addicted to twitter.com (kbella88) you’re in trouble! i love reading everyones tweets & updating on the stupid things that cross my mind, haha. I do find it kind of obnoxious though when celebrities ( I wont say who) come off so cocky…a lot of them are obsessed with how many followers they can get on there, yet they dont reply to their fans, etc. Its just really lame and shallow if you ask me. I try to reply to everyone who hits me up, its appreciated. FYI my site is http://www.twitter.com/kbella88

its totally bothering me though, why people make fake accounts on like myspace…facebook…etc. pretending to be someone they arent, famous or not. i just DONT get it! dont they feel bad at ALL when theyre talking to someone whose honest and believes they’re real? that would make me feel horrible….i have yet to figure out what the purpose is. I think people seriously need to start being themselves, its much more attractive.

GRRRR;; i have like… 3 friends on here, and definately need more. Then ill have people to read my blogs! Help!?

I’ve been so busy with school this semester that I havent gotten a chance to post new blogs in like, 6000 weeks, and let me just say, so much has happened that I hope I can remember it all. Fortunately I get to graduate next month, from a 2 year college, eh. Its progress in the right direction, I guess I can’t complain. I really DONT want to do the whole ceremony thing, but I think my mom is making me. I look so LAME in a graduation cap, ughhh! Just give me my dang certificate already<3

Anyway, im on spring break right now, but i definately wouldn’t call it a break, it sucks! My professors didn’t hesitate to pile on the homework, especially my women’s lit class- she wants us to read 3 novels; true story….only of them i’ve ever even HEARD OF! so much for relaxing, right?! thank goodness its almost over:-)

Leave me some L0VE

XO Kiki


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